Upcoming events

January 2020

Awards ceremony for the winners of the Investment Challenge, organised by EFS.

More details to follow.

February 2020

Stock Pitch Challenge

Do you have a unique view of financial markets? Or simply want to improve your public speaking skills?

The EFS are hosting the Stock Pitch Challenge, a competition that invites students to present their most compelling investment ideas with a 12-month horizon. This is the perfect opportunity to research financial markets, build an investment thesis and strengthen presentation skills.

Over the course of the evening, each participant will have the chance to present for 10 minutes covering their chosen stock – doing a deep dive on the company through fundamental analysis, looking at future catalyst events and the sector as a whole.

Feeling bullish? Bearish? All views are welcome, no matter how simple or complex. Beginners are encouraged to participate as points are awarded based on speaking as well as content.

Don’t know where to start?

See the Sohn Investment Idea Contest for inspiration on format and content.

Launch date to be confirmed.

Screening of the Oscar winning documentary (best documentary, features) ‘Inside Job’

Date to be confirmed.