This week’s Instagram Grand Quiz

Hi guys,
Hope you are well.

Given the recent success of our weekend Instagram Quiz format we thought we wouldn’t want to stop the fun!
This time the quiz will be a bit different though as it will be held on Saturday (2nd of May) and Sunday (3rd of May) at set times (see below) and there will be 10 questions instead of 5 – with a £10 Amazon voucher PRIZE for the winner!

There is no need to register, just make sure you are following our Instagram page and answer the questions in our stories, which will be up at these set times:

SIMPLE RULES TO REMEMBER: It will be crucial to be connected at the set times as the winner of the prize will be the one that gives correct answers to most questions FIRST.

In the unlikely event of a draw, extra question(s) will have to be answered correctly by the ones in the draw (more details will follow).

We hope you’ll enjoy our quiz and many of you will take part as we can’t wait to share fun and engaging questions with you guys!
Contact us through our social media platforms or at if you have any query or need further information.

The EFS team

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