Job Interview Sessions

Practice makes it perfect. Every athlete wins competitions because of hard work and practice. We are all studying because we want to progress in our lives, move up on a career ladder, or acquire a new job, so why wouldn’t you want to ace a job interview that is one of the most important steps in getting into a new role?

Collaborating with Birkbeck Futures we are offering once a month a chance to try your hand at job interviews in an environment as close to reality as it can get. We would like to offer students a chance to interview each other as if they were being interviewed for a real job, all the while being given professional advice, tips, and feedback from a representative from Birkbeck Futures.

Please note that the Job Interview Sessions will only take off if there is enough interest. We need to reach a certain number of students to proceed with this project. Everyone registered will receive an email by the end of October with further information.

Please register your interest using the form below. We are very much looking forward to seeing you soon.