Investment Challenge

Investment challenge – a simple competition where everyone can compete, irrespective of your course or knowledge. During the 10-week period, participants will construct and rebalance the stock portfolio, hoping to achieve the highest return among peers. At the end of the challenge, 3 students with the highest return will win prizes. 

Do not worry if you don’t know anything about investments or financial world, Economics and Finance Society (EFS) will be running few sessions for beginner-level students to help them understand and learn more about investments. To register for training sessions, please sign up by clicking “IC training” above. 


The competition is for Birkbeck students only, thus please make sure you use your Birkbeck email ( when submitting your portfolio (in case you don’t have Birkbeck email, please register following Birkbeck Students Union link: ). Rebalancing is only allowed on Fridays when the markets are closed (16:30 – 00:00). Entries at any other time will not be executed. All orders will be executed on Monday at the opening price. You can only trade shares in FTSE – All Share index. EFS will publish a leader board on the website of all participants every week. 


• £100,000.00 starting sum 

• Only FTSE All-Share index constituents can be traded 

• Maximum allocation per share – 50%, minimum – 10%. This means, that you have to invest in at least 2 companies and no more than 10 companies 

• Transaction costs – 0.5% per deal 

• You can allocate 0-100% of your portfolio to cash (you can hold all your portfolio in cash without stocks). Cash will earn you a return of 0.01% per week 

• Weekly rebalance 

• No leverage allowed (no margin trading) 

• No short positions 

• If your company is de-listed, you will be compensated with cash equivalent to the last closing price 


-1st place – “Alchemy of Finance” and £30 Amazon voucher
-2nd place – “Lords of Finance” and £20 Amazon voucher
– 3rd place – “Other People’s Money: Masters of the Universe of Servants of the People?” and £10 amazon gift card

To submit your portfolio, please fill in the portfolio form below and type in your Name, Course, and Email address (NOTE: use your Birkbeck email ( otherwise your order will not be executed!).

If you don’t already have a Birkbeck email, please follow this link to apply for one.

The challenge will begin the week commencing 26th October, please submit your portfolio before 23rd October, 23:59.

Peer Portfolios

Leaderboard week 1

Leaderboard Week 2

Leaderboard Week 3

Leader Board Week 4

Leader Board Week 5

Leader board Week 6

Leader Board Week 7

Leader Board Week 8

Leader Board Week 9

Leader Board Week 10