Weekend list #4

More than half of top-tier economics papers are replicable

Approximately 6 out of 10 economics studies published in the field’s most reputable journals — American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics — are replicable, according to a study. But is it so?

The way science works… or doesn’t

Ever heard of p-hacking? According to Andrew Gelman “there’s a pressure for successful studies” and “just about any study can be made publishable” via a careful enough inspection of the data to look for patterns.

Secret Data

John Cochrane asks: “Why do we think we need referees, editors, recommendation letters, subcommittees, and so forth to evaluate method, novelty, statistical procedure, and importance, but replicability and transparency can be relegated to a set of mechanical rules?”

Reproducible Research: True or False? (video)

John Ioannidis of the Why Most Published Research Findings Are False fame discusses the challenges of replicating and reproducing the work of millions of scientists around the world.

Replication Wiki

In econometric research it is not yet common practice to publish replication findings. This wiki serves as a database of empirical studies.