Weekend list #27

UK general election 2017: IFS manifesto analysis

An analysis of the Conservative and Labour Party manifestos by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Is something really wrong with macroeconomics?

Reis says that current research is not about mindless DSGE modeling. Forecasts perform poorly given the size of the challenge but the problem is in teaching.

The euro isn’t the root of all problems, euro zone’s policy choices are

Minenna on the need for a change of pace to restart convergence trades. Part of an Il Sole 24 Ore debate regarding the euro.

Mankiw: US economy and the case for free markets (video)

The Harvard professor shares his perspective on current policy debates about trade, immigration, technological innovation, jobs, and economic growth.

Machine learning: an applied econometric approach

Mullainathan and Spiess present a way of thinking about machine learning that gives it its own place in the econometric toolbox.



The Weekend list returns in the new academic year 2017-18.