Weekend list #25

The Weekend list semester: the best so far.

More than half of top-tier economics papers are replicable

Approximately 6 out of 10 economics studies published in the field’s most reputable journals — American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics — are replicable, according to a study. But is it so?

Pizzagate, or the curious incident of the researcher in response to people pointing out 150 errors in 4 of his papers

Oh, what fun it is to ride on a bad stats open sleigh!

How artificial intelligence is changing economic theory

Are theories that are predicated on homo economicus extinct? Parkes and Wellman argue that rational models of economics can be applied to artificial intelligence and discuss the future of machina economicus.

The art and science of economics at Cambridge

The history of a famous faculty shows that the way economics is taught depends on what you think economists are for.

What happened to global banking after the crisis?

Dirk Schoenmaker argues that reports of the demise of global banking are premature.

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