Weekend list #24

William Baumol: truly productive entrepreneurship

William Jack Baumol (1922-2017) made contributions in productivity, environmental economics, entrepreneurship theory and other areas.

Arthur Laffer’s theory on tax cuts comes to life once more 

Laffer’s theory linking tax cuts and economic growth has been revived in President Trump’s plan.

Why are so many houses vacant in India?

The country has a severe shortage of housing, yet 12% of the total urban housing stock consists of vacant houses.

Earth 2.0: is income inequality inevitable? (audio)

Freakonomics hosts and guests discuss the future of work, the toxic remnants of colonisation, and basic income.

Amartya Sen: democracy and social decisions (video)

The Harvard professor and Nobel Prize winner delivers a Distinguished Public Lecture in Oxford University’s Sheldonian Theatre. Q&A here.