Weekend list #23

Innovative new network will ‘revolutionise’ how we study the economy

The new ESRC-funded network is led by Angus Armstrong (NIESR) and will champion new interdisciplinary approaches to studying the macroeconomy.

The state of advanced economies: forces, interactions and uncertainties (audio, video, slides)

Olivier Blanchard discusses the main forces interacting to shape the world economy, and the uncertainties associated with them.

2017 EEAG report on the European economy

This year’s report discusses the worrying rise of populism, which poses a serious threat to the development of the world economy and European cohesion.

The future of Europe (video)

A Barcelona GSE experts roundtable focused on finance, migration and politics. Also read the posts on their blog (1, 2, 3).

Data.World: the social network for data people

Discover and share data, connect with colleagues and other experts, collaborate to solve problems faster.