Weekend list #15

The art and science of economics at Cambridge

The history of a famous faculty shows that the way economics is taught depends on what you think economists are for.

Why not make economics a science?

Bloomberg editors say that given recent failures, editors of the most prestigious academic journals should open their pages to research that challenges the standard theories, even if it doesn’t yet point to encompassing new alternatives.

Yes, economics is a science

Stanford’s Raj Chetty argues that the challenges faced by economists are no different from those encountered in medicine and public health. Should we create more financial crises to understand how they work?

An improved approach to empirical modelling

Castle and Hendry make the case for a combined theory-driven and data-driven approach, under which there is a good chance of discovering a better empirical model when the theory is incomplete or incorrect.

How not to be ignorant about the world (video)

Hans Rosling demonstrates that there is a high chance of being quite wrong and his son Ola suggests four ways to quickly become less ignorant. Hans died but Gapminder lives on.