Notes from a Risk Management competition

Earlier this academic term, a team of graduate students from the Department of Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics took part in the PRMIA Risk Management Challenge. The Challenge is hosted every year in Europe and North America by the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA), the global professional and standard-setting body for the financial risk management industry.

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Birkbeck team advances in risk management competition

Birkbeck’s team is one of the seven finalists at PRMIA regional Risk Management Challenge. The competition attracts teams from leading universities and business schools around the world.

Students worked on a realistic but complex derivatives case, examining the client’s industry, risk position, financing capacity and long term goals. They calibrated and simulated term structure models using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods and advised on corporate debt refinancing. Members created a thorough and detailed methodology to provide financial market participants with accurate measures in order to improve their bottom line. Short and long risk horizons were integrated in a consistent framework.

The team consists of:

  • Charles Shaw (MSc Financial Risk Management)
  • Timothy Poon (MSc Financial Risk Management)
  • Mayundo Mwenze (MSc Financial Risk Management)
  • Rajivan Rajamohan (MSc Economics)

The Economics + Finance Society facilitated the entry and the composition of the team. The School of BEI and the Students’ Union provided funding.

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