Greater Expectations

You decided to study Economics and/or Finance. You might want a job in a big corporation, make a load of money and retire early. Maybe do research, figure out the rules of the game and change them. Or something else.

Whatever you do, remember that it was your decision to do this. If you want to get good at it, it requires dedication. This means thinking beyond textbooks and exams, being open to all signals and having your critical faculties working at full throttle. There were others before you here and it pays to listen before ditching them.

Some might say that Economics is not an exact science. Well, a physicist can predict when a ball might hit the floor, if left from a metre above. An economist has to deal with the unexpected appearance of pigeons hitting the ball and a thunderstorm potentially tearing it apart.

Economists are not physicists. They try to make sense of the world around them using different scientific techniques. But there are many agents interacting with each other. More than seven billion people with different abilities and aspirations. Plus states and firms and all that jazz, constantly stirring the waters. There is difficulty in determining what will happen in the future using historical data.

If you study at Birkbeck, EFS would like to have to have you as a member.  Our events are open for all, but as a member you get exclusive access to offers and opportunities that come our way. Plus other things that you’ll discover in due course.

Welcome. If you need a helping hand, our team will be here for you.