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Fixing the Economy: Rebuilding Macroeconomics

Ten years passed since the outbreak of the global financial crisis and the economy has yet to normalise. Why were we unable to forecast what was to come? Could we change our ways and prevent the next catastrophe from happening?

Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that is dealing with the economy as a whole. Rebuilding Macroeconomics is a new network of economists and scholars from other disciplines, policy makers and civil society representatives. It aims to produce ideas that address the real challenges we face today.

EFS welcomed Dr Angus Armstrong, Director of Rebuilding Macroeconomics Network and Chief Economic Adviser to Lloyds Banking Group.

A recap of the event is coming soon.


Dr Angus Armstron




Bitcoin: future or fad?

In May 2010 a programmer from Florida traded 10,000 units of a fledgling virtual currency. A volunteer from England received Bitcoins and in return bought two pizzas using a credit card. This amount of Bitcoins is worth more than £30 million now.

Could there be a medium of exchange that is not regulated by a state or an international organisation? Is this the way to fix a broken economy? Is Bitcoin people’s money or it’s just a fad?

EFS had the pleasure of hosting  Izabella Kaminska (Financial Times, Alphaville).

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Izabella Kaminska - Financial Times



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